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Group trainings on Wattbikes

80 minutes training sessions on a Wattbike in your personal training zones helps you improve your cycling fitness levels and pedalling technique. Do an introduction training and experience the added value of WattCycling.

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Wattbike is currently the most advanced indoor trainer. Wattbike measures your performance with great accuracy and feels like a real bicycle at riding. Continuous feedback from your Wattbike gives you perfect control over your training intensity, and the PolarView shows you how to apply strength to master pedalling technique. So you not only get stronger, but also more efficient on the road using the Wattbike.


Improve your pedalling

With every stroke you do Wattbike draws your unique PolarView chart of applied power.
Wattbike delivers convenient training experience to your iPhone/Android

Your personal training zones:
Power and Heart rate beats

Training on the Wattbike at WattCycling is a targeted method for all athletes. Regardless of your level, you get better. Everyone, both in groups and individually, trains at individual heart rate and power training zones.


Riders' support
Support for riders at all levels

Power and Heart rate

Power and Heart rate beats are important indicators of how your body performs. Different training zones serve different purposes, being it an endurance or a high-intensity training. Do you want to become an explosive climber, or a long-distance cyclist? Training in specific zones saves time and increases the efficiency of training, helps you become the athlete you want to be.

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The best of training

Which WattCycling training

works best for your goal?


The emphasis of the d’Huez training sessions is on a combination of longer intervals and a low pedaling frequency with a lot of resistance. Ideal for preparing for cycling trips in the Ardennes, Alps or Pyrenees.
Duration: 80 mins

Tri / Endurance

The Tri / Endurance training courses are aimed at cyclists and triathletes who want to prepare for long bike rides and / or time trials. The emphasis is on longer duration blocks. Time trial position on the bike can be practiced well here.
Duration: 80 mins

Open Training

During the Open Training you train yourself on the Wattbike (eg a training from the Wattbike App or a training from your own training program). As inspiration we provide a “Training of the Day” every week. You decide what time you arrive and how long you train.


The High Intensity Training consists of robust intervals at high intensity. Suitable for athletes with concrete performance goals for events with high speeds, sprints and demarrages. Whether these are official courses or place-name plate sprints, these trainings ensure top speed in the legs.
Duration: 80 mins


Allround sessions are a combination of exercises from d’Huez, HIT and Tri/Endurance. This training helps you become a better cyclist in general.
Duration: 80 mins

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Push your limits and train

on Wattbike at WattCycling Rotterdam

What are you waiting for?

Do a Watt’s WattCycling introduction training!

During the introduction training we explain the basic principles of the Wattbike, training on power and the zones. After training you will know whether training on the Wattbike at WattCycling is for you and which training suits you best.

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of our clients
Testimonial by Carina
With 6 friends I made a 12-day bike ride on the MTB with an average of 90 km per day. My training consisted of training once or twice a week on the Wattbike at WattCyclinig. It was extraordinary how fit I was comparing with the others. With ease (and with a good speed) I finished the bike ride!
amateur rider
Testimonial by Marijke Zeekant
I have been training at WattCycling for a few years in preparation for the triathlon season. Powerchecks have shown that despite my somewhat older age I still kick more wattage than last year. Training on the Wattbike really makes me stronger!
Marijke Zeekant
amateur rider